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Studies on labor-saving cultivation in sorghum, soybean and corn production
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The objectives of this experiment were to find out the optimum cultivation practice for saving labor cost in sorghum, soybean and corn production. Field trials including cultivars, sorghum Taichung 5, soybean Tainung 4 and corn Tainung 351 were conducted during spring, summer and fall crops, respectively, at Erhlin in 1983. The results showed that yield and net profit of both sorghum and corn could be increased significantly by means of irrigation and fertilization during growth stages. However, concerning the net profit and labor cost, the cultural practices including non-tillage, irrigation and fertilization in sorghum; non-tillage, irrigation, fertilization and pest control in corn were most effective. The stuies on soybean cultivation during summer crop showed that for saving labor cost, non-tillage with fertilization cultural practice, without weed and pest control could be practicable. [AS]
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