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Factor affecting yields of soybean in paddy rice field in Taitung area
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Cropping season, variety, location and cultural method are found to be the main factors affecting the growth and yield of soybean in transfered paddy field. The experimental results showed that significant yield differences were found between five varieties grown in spring, summer and fall seasons. Yield performance among all varieties showed the same order despite cultural methods and locations. However, yield were differed significantly within cultural methods. The cultural methods affected the yields of five varieties, but the trends were differed with locations. In spring crop, Kaohsiung #8 and Hualien #1 were the most advantageous varieties for non-tillage in Taitung city and Taitung Longitudinal valley. But in summer crop, Hualien #1 grown on non-tillage land has become the most advantageous variety in Longitudinal valley. It is obvious that Hualien #1 is able to avoid the damage caused by typhoon and heavy rainfall. [AS]
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