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Characterization of two new sources of resistance to Phytophthora capsici Leon in pepper: further evidence for the existence of three resistance components
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The 3 components (or dimensions) of the resistance described in a previous publication and termed: << receptivity >>, << inducibility >> and << stability >> were easily identified, each variety being remarkable for a particular point. Line << Criollo de Morelos 334 >> showed very low receptivity (low initial rate of stem necrosis) whatever the strain or temperature used : 30% (22 degree C) and 50% (32 degree C) reduction compared with the other varieties. Line << L 29 >> showed a better inducibility than the other genotypes (lower rate of necrosis between the 3rd and 5th or 7th day) for all the temperature and strain combinations. One of the constitutive elements of the third component of resistance previously termed << stability >> appeared as a << resistance potential >> characteristic of a given genotype. In spite of its low inducibility, line << PM 217 >> showed the highest << resistance potential >>, i.e. the best ability to decrease the rate of stem necrosis to low levels even if the initial rate was very high (effect of a very aggressive strain and/or high temperature). In contrast, << Phyo 636>> had a low resistance potential, less than half that of its original parent << PM 217 >>. [AS]
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