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Isolation and bioactivity of Bacillus sp. YJH-051 against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, the fungal pathogen for anthracnose disease on peppers
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A microbe isolated from a cultivated field of pepper was tested for biocontrol of anthracnose disease on peppers caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides KACC 40063 by a cup method and a whole plant method in vivo. The isolate was identified as Bacillus subtilis YJH-051 (YJH-051) by 16S rRNA gene sequence. The antifungal activity of YJH-051 culture broth was compared with a synthetic fungicide Gassin containing carbendazim (40%) and kasugamycin (3.45%), and an organic extract of Bacillus subti/is JKK238 as a positive control. YJH-051 showed a similar fungicidal activity against anthracnose disease at the concentration of 50 1-11 ml-I in comparison to Gassin using a cup method. YJH-051 also exhibited its potent fungicidal activity towards C. gloeosporioides in the whole plant method at the concentration of 50 1-11 ml-I when compared with Gassin.
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