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Effect of high temperature during reproductive growth period on soybean growth, nitrogen and cation content
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This study was conducted to investigate the effect of high-temperature during the reproductive growth period on the soybean growth and yield. Two soybean cultivars, Hwangkeumkong (HKK) and Pungsannamulkong (PSNK) were used in this study. By high-temperature treatment, plant height was increased in the two soybean cultivars, however, leaf area and dry weight were greatly reduced. Number of pod per plant was not changed by high-temperature treatment. However, number of seeds and 100 seed weight were reduced in two soybean cultivars. As compared with control, yield were decreased by 45% in both HKK and PSNK. It was also appeared that nitrogen contents in leaf, stem, and root of the HKK and PSNK were decreased by high-temperature treatment.
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