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Pathogenicity and reproduction of Hoplolaimus columbus and Meloidogyne incognita on `Davis` soybean
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The effects of initial populations of Hoplolaimus columbus and Meloidogyne incognita on growth and yield of Davis soybean were determined for 1980 and 1981 in microplots and H. columbus in field tests in 1981. M. incognita suppressed yield in microplots both years and H. columbus in 1980. Maximum suppression of dry pod weight by M. incognita was 45% and by H. columbus 35%. The relationship of yield vs. nematode population at planting time was described by a declining exponential model. Maximum reproductive rates for M. incognita and H. columbus were 67.0 and 4.7, respectively, and were inversely proportional to the initial population level. Nematode reproductive rates, survival ability, and feeding habits suggest species specific life strategies in the ecological community. [AS/SS]
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