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Source-sink relationships between the main stem and branches during reproductive growth in soybeans
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Two experiments were conducted to clarify the source-sink relationships among plant sections. The 3rd leaf (L-3), the 9th leaf (L-9) or the leaves on a branch which had emerged from the 13th node of a main stem (BL-13) were allowed to assimilate 14CO2 at early pod-filling. The results indicate the presence of two major source-sink units in the canopy during early pod-filling: upper and middle sections of a main stem as one unit, and lower section of the main stem and branches as the other. Clearly, branches are dependent on their main stem and independent of each other for photosynthates. By depodding a plant section at the pod-elongation stage, compensatory increases in seed yield of the other sections occurred primarily within the source-sink unit. Efficiency of 14C assimilation was much higher in L-3 than in L-9 or BL-13. The translocation rate of L-3 was similar to that of BL-13, and higher than that of L-9. The difference in the rate among the leaf positions appeared to be associated with the sink/source ratio of a plant section as well as the ratio of non-photosynthetic plant parts of the section. [AS/SS]
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