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The chili pepper CaATL1: an AT-hook motif-containing transcription factor implicated in defence responses against pathogens
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Using cDNA microarray analysis, we isolated a cDNA clone, CaA TL 1 (Capsicum annuum L. Bukang A T-hook-Like gene 1), from a chili pepper plant incompatibly interacting with bacterial pathogens. The deduced amino acid sequence has a potential nuclear localization sequence and an AT-hook DNA binding motif which can bind AT-rich sequence elements. Expression of CaA TL 1 was specifically induced in host- and non-host-resistant responses against bacterial and viral pathogens in pepper plants. In addition, CaA TL 1 transcripts also increased following salicylic acid and ethephone treatment but were only mildly induced by methyl-jasmonate treatment. CaATL 1 ::smGFP (soluble-modified green fluorescent protein) fusion protein localized to nuclei in tobacco BY2 protoplasts. The C -terminal region of the CaA TL 1 protein fused to the LexA DNA binding domain was able to activate reporter gene expression in yeast. To analyse further the role of the CaA TL 1 in pathogen defence response, we generated CaA TL l-over-expressing transgenic tomato plants. These transgenic plants showed enhanced disease resistance against bacterial and oomycete pathogens. Taken together, these results provide the first evidence of a role for a plant AT-hook motifcontaining transcription factor in pathogen defence response.
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