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Accumulation and quality of storage protein in developing cowpea mung bean and soybean seeds
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Cowpea, mung bean and soya bean pods were harvested periodically during seed maturation and studied for changes in fresh and dry weights, total sulphur, total nitrogen and protein content. At early stages of development crude protein formed about one-third of dry weight but decreased to about one-quarter at maturity. The total sulphur which formed a subtantial amount of the sulphur amino-acids in mature seeds did not change much in mung bean and cowpea but increased by about 24% from 20 to 69 days after flowering (DAF) in soya bean. Storage protein accumulation was very rapid between 10 and 14 DAF (10.4% day-1) in mung bean, 7 and 14 DAF (12.9% day-1) in cowpea and between 20 and 30 DAF (9.4 day-1) in soya bean. Thereafter, protein accumulation declined slightly and gradually approached zero at time of seed maturity. The sulphur-to-nitrogen ratios gradually increased with maximum values in the mature seeds. [AS/THH]
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