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Influence of inoculant and inoculant-fertilizer combination on five mungbean cultivars (Vigna radiata L.) under monoculture and intercropped with corn (Zea mays L.)
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Two separate studies were conducted simultaneously using five mungbean cultivars, one on monoculture and the other intercropped with corn in order to evaluate the influence of inoculant and inoculant-fertilizer combination on the yield and agronomic traits of mungbean. Results of the studies revealed that inoculated mungbean with Rhizobium sp. alone did not produce significant difference in grain yield compared to inoculant combined with N at 15 kg/ha or NPK at 15-30-30 kg/ha fertilizers. However, inoculant plus application of PK 30-30 kg/ha gave the highest grain yield in both mungbean monoculture and mungbean intercropped with corn. Likewise, analysis on cost and return of mungbean treated with inoculant combined with PK at 30-30 kg/ha in both monoculture and intercropped with corn gave the highest net return of US$237.85 and US$252.23. Mungbean variety Pag-asa exhibited the highest grain yield performance in both cropping practices compared to the other varieties. Highest grain yield in corn was also obtained in plots interplanted with inoculated Pag-asa applied with PK at 30-30 kg/ha. [AS]
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