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大豆早熟高產雜交育種 Breeding for early-maturing and high-yielding
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In 1983, 402 hybrid seeds were obtained from 13 cross combinations in an effort to develop new early-maturing, high-yielding, and rust-resistance soybean varieties. The F2-F6 progenies from fifty-five crosses were evaluated, and 300 promising plants were selected from 9 F6 populations. Among them 128 fixed lines were selected after plant-to-row trial. The preliminary yield trial for 17 and 8 lines in the spring and summer at Taichung, and 7 lines in fall/winter at Pingtung outyielded the check variety. Intermediate trials tested in Taichung showed that six lines in spring and three lines in summer had higher yields than the check variety. In winter, 19 superior lines were selected from Chiayi and Pingtung. Advanced lines 75-K-21 and 75-K-27 significantly increased yield in fall and fall/winter cropping seasons in Chiayi and Pingtung. [AS/GLH]
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