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Purification of soybean variety Talientou
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Four hundred superior plants differed in appearance were selected for purification from farmer's fields, where Talientou was dominantly planted, in Kaohsiung and Pingtung areas in fall 1981. 22 promising lines were selected from the plant-to-row trial of above 400 selected plants in spring crop 1982. The intermediate yield trials held in fall 1982, spring and fall crops 1983 showed that the best selected line TLD-19 was respectively outyielded 18.7, 2.0 and 40.0% over the check variety, the origional Talientou. Its yields in three seasons were 2,917, 2,073 and 3,047 kg/ha, respectively. The growth period of all the 22 selections ranged from 84-92 days in fall crop, and three days longer in summer crop. Based on the results of intermediate yield trials, eight lines were selected for further test. [AS]
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