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大豆品系選拔試驗 Selection of soybean progenies for adaptation to Hualien area
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In preliminary yield trial, check variety HL No.1 had the highest yield (1,300 kg/ha) in spring 1983, and line HL 72-40 yielded 2,760 kg/ha with 3% higher than that of the check variety in summer. In intermediated yield trial, 7 lines had higher yields (2,615-2,320 kg/ha), and outyielded the check variety by 12.7-0.4%. Only line HL 71-27 was found significantly higher than the check variety in spring. In summer crop, no significant yield difference with check variety. Four advanced lines produced 3,068-2,350 kg/ha with 3.1-0.4% increase of yield in spring crop, and 2 lines produced 2,548 and 2,480 kg/ha with 10.6% and 7.6% higher than check variety in summer. The line 70-40 had higher and stable yields in last three years tests. It will be taken for further yield trial. [AS]
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