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Soybean breeding
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A total of 266 hybrid seeds were obtained form 8 cross combintions. Bulk seeds of F2 to F7 of progenies from previous 26 crosses were successfully harvested, and 69 and 62 elite strains form five F7 and six F6 bulk progenies in fall/winter crop 1982, and 125 and 44 elite strains from six F7 and five F6 bulk progenies in spring crop 1983 were respectively selected. Results of advanced yield showed that five of 13 strains outyielded the check KS#8 by 3.4-10.8% in fall/winter 1982, and KS 1255, 1204 outyielded 1-4%, and matured 6 days earlieer than the check in spring 1983. In summer, nine strains such yielded 17-97.6% more seed and matured 4-9 days earlier than check, Intermediate yield trial resulted nine out of the 25 new strains tested had higher seed yield than the chack in fall/winter and KS 1376, 1309 have outyielded 7-13% and matured 4 days earlier than the check in spring 1983. Preliminary yield trials showed seven out of 100 strains produced 20-30.6% mord seed, matured earlier than the check variety in the 1982 fall/winter crop. In the spring crop, 10 of the 100 strains also produced 10.8-22% more seed than the check variety. [AS]
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