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Tomato growth, nitrogen fraction and mineral composition in response to nitrate and ammonium foliar sprays
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In a first experiment, tomato seedlings were grown in sand culture under full sunlight or 67% shade and received foliar sprays containing 8,40 or 200 mM N as Ca(NO3)2 or (NH4)2SO4. In a second experiment, seedlings were grown in sand culture under full sunlight or 50% shade and received N as nitrate or ammonium at 8mM N in the nutrient solution to the root system or at 24mM N in a foliar spray soultion. Shade increased ammonium toxicity in plants sprayed with NH4 but decreased NH4 toxicity in plants receiving NH4 through the roots. NH4-N reduced growth and cation uptake less when supplied through the roots than foliar sprays. Shoot amino acid content was highest in plants receiving N as NH4, regardless of how the N was applied. Plants sprayed with NH4 incorporated a greater amount of N into insoluble compounds compared with plants sprayed with NO3. N uptake/unit leaf area was greater in plants growing under full sunlight than in plants growing under shade. Plants supplied with N through the roots had higher levels of free amino acids and total N. [HA54-2534]
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