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Resistance of pepper (Capsicum annuum) to Phytophthora capsici. 11. Response of five pepper lines to elicitor; influence of elicitor concentration and efficiency of induced resistance against several isolates of P. capsici
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In the pepper-Phytophthora capsici interaction, some fractions were found from P. capsici culture filtrate (for instance G4) to induce resistance in the host. Tests were made with cotyledons or leaves floating on water: The G4 fraction was placed on the abaxial face and, after 24 hours, the foliar organs were infected by zoospore suspension or mycelial fragments. In order to evaluate the level of induced resistance, low zoospore concentration was preferable (tabl. 1). Induced resistance was optimum with 10 to 15 ug G4 per leaf organ (tabl. 1 & 2; fig. 1). Leaves of resistant pepper lines (specially << L 29 >>) were more easily inducible than << Yolo Wonder >>(tabl. 2). For << Phyo 636 >>, induced resistance depended on the isolates used for inoculation (but not on its aggressiveness (tabl. 3). It is suggested that pepper selection program could be based on the inducibility : tests with floating leaves treated or not with elicitors. [AS]
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