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Comparison of cadmium and lead content of vegetable crops grown in urban and suburban gardens
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There was no consistent trend of higher cadmium and lead levels in seven leaf crops and five root and bulb crops grown in the city environment of Brooklyn, New York, USA, compared with the same vegetable crops grown in a suburban environment. Cadmium was not more conentrated in city crops, and lead was more concentrated only in leaf crops in one year. Radish leaves and lettuce accumulated more lead than other vegetables. In these two crops, lead contamination was greater at the Brooklyn site in both years. There was evidence for the greater contribution of airborne, rather than soilborne, lead as a plant contaminant. The levels of cadmium and lead in the test crops grown in Brooklyn were mostly similar to, and often below, levels reported in studies of heavy metal contamination of urban gardens and roadside vegetation. It is concluded that the levels of cadmium and lead in edible crops grown in the Brooklyn location are unlikely to constitute a significant health hazard to adults.
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