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Detection of a new potyvirus affecting pepper plants (Capsicum annum L.) in Venezuela pepper mild mosaic virus
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What appears to be a new potyvirus, which was named pepper mild mosaic virus (PMMV), was isolated in Venezuela from field samples of pepper Florida VR-2, Keystone R.G. No 3 and R. Florida Giant, and also of the weed Physallis angulata. Field infected pepper plants initially showed a very mild mosaic which beacme more pronounced about three weeks later, when veinbanding and very slight deformation of the leaves were also apparent. Diseased P. angulata plants exhibited a light mosaic. In the tests, PMMV differed from the other potyviruses that can infect pepper in host range and in the symptomatology shown by some species of test plants mechanically inoculated with the virus. PMMV was non-persistently transmitted by Myzus persicae, and did not react with antiserum against potato virus Y in SDS-immunodiffusion tests. Results of a similar test performed at another laboratory suggest that PMMV differs from pepper mottle, pepper veinal mottle, potato Y, tobacco etch and tobacco mosaic viruses. Moreover, results of a cross-protection test indicate that PMMV is different from pepper severe mosaic virus and potato virus Y. Electron micorscope observations revealed the presence of flexuous filaments with a normal lenght of 714 nm in leaf-dip preparations of the virus, and of numerous pin-wheel-type citoplasmatic inclusions in ultrathin sections of infected tissue. [AS]
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v.30(1/6):85-96, AGRONOMIA TROPICAL
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