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Identification of soybean cultivars using isoenzyme electrophoresis
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The potential use of electrophoretically detected isozymic variability for soybean (Glycine max) cultivar identification was assessed by surveying the variability of 11 enzymes among 174 soybean cultivars. Starch gel electrophoretic techniques were used to analyse extracts from cotyledon sections of four-day old seedlings grown under controlled conditions. Isozymic analysis revealed 112 homogeneous cultivars and 62 isozymiclly heterogeneous cultivars composed of two or more sublines. Unique combinations of isozymic variants of the 11 enzymes assayed, in conjunction with grouping of varieties by subline numbers, identified 134 (77%) of the 174 varieties with unique isozymic fingerprints. The remaining 40 cultivars could be separated into 18 additional groups. The addition of three morphological traits (flower, pubescence and hilum colors) to the isozymic fingerprints increased the number of uniquely distinguishable cultivars to 165 (95%). The results suggest that sufficient variability is present in cultivated soybeans to allow the use of isozyme analysis as a system for cultivar identification, thereby complementing the traditional methods currently used. [AS]
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