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Timing and rate of K application for wheat-soybean double cropping on a sandy soil
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A study was conducted for two crop cycles to determine the optimum timing of supplying adequate K on a Bonifay sand. Treatment variables consisted of five K application timings at two Mg rates (0 and 40 kg/ha) in the first crop cycle and four K application timings at four rates of K(90, 135, 180 and 225 kg/ha) in the second crop cycle. Soybean yields were not significantly affected by the K treatments in either cropping cycle. Application of Mg in the first cycle increased both soil and plant Mg concentrations but had no significant effect on yields. Increasing rates of K linearly increased wheat yield and soil K at soybean planting but had no significant effects on soybean yield or soil K at the end of the season. In conclusion: delaying the application of at least one-half of the K fertilizer until spring is essential for maintaining adequate K in the rhizosphere of wheat plants on deep sands. [AS/Sundar]
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