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Determination of the optimum rates of phosphorus fertilizer for soybean in the different reclaimed hillside soils
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An attempt to determine the optimum levels of P-fertilizer application from plough layer to 20 cm depth for soybean was made with the data obtained from the farmers` fields in reclaimed soil. The relationships between fertilizer recommendation of P and soil P test was made from the yield data. From the yield response, the optimum rate of P-fertilizer application ranged from 12 to 85 kg/10a as P2O5 and optimum P saturation percentage (Optimum P level x 102/Phosphorus absorption coefficient) were 0.7 to 9.3% with soils. The yield increment at the optimum levels of P in comparison with no P-fertilizer application was 69% and P-fertilizer efficiency to yield was 1.6 kg/kg of P2O5. According to relationship between relative yield and soil testing value, the critical P2O5 content which showed the high yield response in soil was about 60 ppm at 20 cm soil depth. The regression equation for P fertilizer recommendation in different soils were obtained between the available P2O5 in soil (x) and the amount (y) of P fertilizer applied. The equation for phosphorus recommendation was Y = 103.009-44.521 logx for reclaimed soils. [AS/Sundar]
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