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Polar-glycerolipid metabolism in soybean seed with genetically altered unsaturated fatty acid composition
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The objective of this work was to determine whether the overall rate of 18:1-desaturation changed with increased seed for a given genotype and to assess the level of 18:1-desaturase activity in genotypes that differed in 18:1 content. Phosphatidylcholine (PC) was found to be more active metabolically than any other polar-glycerolipid. Genotypic differences in the concentration of PC species enriched in 18:1 were expressed throughout seed growth. At 45 days after flowering the 18:1-PC concentration in the high-18:1 genotype, N78-2245, was 4.2-times greater than that in the standard cultivar, Dare. As these genotypes matured the concentration of 18:1-PC declined, and the concentration of species enriched with linoleic acid (18:2) increased. The overall rate of 18:1-PC desaturation activity did not change with increased seed age in either genotype. Hence developmental changes in 18:1-PC species concentration were not the result of changes in acyl-desaturase activity. A reduced rate of overall desaturation activity in N78-2245 as compared with Dare, however, may have contributed to the higher levels of 18:1 in glycerolipids from N78-2245 seed. [AS/Sundar]
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