Development of best practices for ex situ conservation of radish germplasm in the context of the crop genebank knowledge base

Information about crop-specific best practices for ex situ conservation of plant genetic resources has been difficult to find until recently. The CGIAR, together with national and regional partners, started to fill that gap by publishing best practices on the crop genebank knowledge base (CGKB -http://cropgenebank., a website specifically developed and officially launched in 2010 to provide easy access toknowledge about all aspects of ex situ conservation of specific crops to genebank managers and ex situ conservation researchers. A collaborative study, undertakenby Bioversity International with eight national and international genebanks, utilized the framework provided by the CGKB to develop and publish radish conservation best practices. This paper focuses on two aspects of this study: (1) Differences in procedures and practices in radish conservation currently applied in five key genebank activities, namely, acquisition of germplasm, viability testing and monitoring, seed drying, seed storage, and regeneration. While in a few cases genebanks agreed on a specific best practice to recommend, in others it was not desirable to identifyone practice as superior to another, therefore a range of existing practices is described as a variety of equivalent options. The results highlight the importance of proactive genebank management aimed at meeting the standards within the specific context in which a genebank operates. (2) The framework and template provided by the CGKB in guiding the development of genebank best practices, and the CGKB as an excellent resource to widely and freely share best practices with the global community to support the effective management of crop genebanks. 摘要: \n 直到最近用以進行移地(ex situ)保育之植物基因資源的專一作物典範實務相關資訊才較易被取得。CGIAR與國家及區域性夥伴共同藉由在作物基因庫知識庫(CGKB -上發表典範實務填補這之間的落差CGKB是一個由官方於2010年特別建立、發起的網站基因庫管理員以及移地保育研究員能夠利用該網站輕易取得專一作物移地保育的各方面相關知識。一項由國際生物多樣化中心與其他8所國內和國際基因庫所進行的合作性研究利用CGKB所提供的架構發展並發表蘿蔔保育的典範實務。本篇論文著重於這項研究的兩個方向(1) 5個主要基因庫目前在蘿蔔保育程序及實務上的差異即種原取得、存活能力測試和監測、種子乾燥、種子儲存以及再生重建。有些例子中基因庫會認同並推薦某項特定的典範實務但在其他的例子中則不傾向於指出某項實務優於另外一項因此許多已存在的等價實務可供作各式各樣的選擇。本研究結果凸顯出基因庫有前瞻性的管理的重要性此前瞻性管理主要針對在基因庫運作的特定環境中能夠符合標準。(2) CGBK為了開發基因庫典範實務指引而提供的架構及範例以及CGBK可做為一個良好的資源廣泛且無拘束地與全球分享典範實務以協助作物基因庫的有效管理。\n

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利用作物基因庫的知識庫發展蘿蔔種原移地(ex situ)保育的典範實務
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