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A new high yielding, many-branching and disease resistant soybean variety, "Togyukong"
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A new soybean variety, Togyukong, was developed at the Crop Experiment Station, Office of Rural Development in 1983. Togyukong was selected from a cross between SS74185 [(Kwangkyo x Patten) x PI171450] x Jangyeobkong made in 1977. Togyukong outyielded the check varieties by 13% in regional yield trials carried out over 2 years at 12 locations in the southern parts of Korea from 1982-83. This variety is about 11 days later in maturity than Kwangkyo which is the most widely grown variety and has medium-small seed size of about 15 g/100 seeds. Togyukong has also been identified to have fairly good resistance to SMV and Necrotic-SMV which are two major soybean viruses attack most of the soybean varieties grown in Korea. [AS/SS]
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