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Influence of weed control treatments on soybean cultivars in an oat-soybean rotation
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Fourteen soybean cultivars were grown in narrow rows using herbicides or tillage for weed control during the fallow period after oat (Avena sativa L.) harvest on an oat-soybean rotation. The best broadleaf weed control occurred with Gnome, Century, Weber and Williams 79 cultivars; also Gnome and Century had the best grass control as well as the lowest total weed yields. Early triazine injury was least (<30%) in Gnome, Beeson 80, Elf, Wells II, Weber, Cumberland and Century. The highest yielding cultivars were Mead and Century. Soybean cultivars generally yielded better on tilled vs. herbicide treated oat stubble, but the three cultivars showing the least difference in yields regardless of the prior fallow treatment were Cumberland, Beeson 80 and Weber. Cultivars selected for reduced tillage methods may differ from those used in conventional production systems. [AS/SS]
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