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Arginase activity in the cotyledons of soybean seedlings
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The germination of soybean [Glycine max (L.) cv. Akita] seeds is accompanied by increased arginase activity in the cotyledons, and the enzyme is predominantly (84% for 5-day-old seedlings) recovered in the mitochondrial fraction (co-purifies with succinate dehydrogenase) where it is located inside the inner membrane. When dry cotyledons from which the axis and testa have been removed surgically are imbibed for 6 h in water and maintained on filter paper during the subsequent incubation, there is little increase in mitochondrial arginase activity. However, if similar dry cotyledons are rinsed for 1 min after sterilization of 3 min and maintained on filter paper from the beginning, the increase in enzyme activity is similar to that in the intact seedling. Thus the embryonic axis is not essential for the development of arginase in soybean cotyledon although the enzyme development was enhanced by the presence of the axis under the same conditions of incubation. The addition of actinomycin D, 6-methylpurine and cycloheximide early in the incubation period strongly inhibits the development of mitochondrial arginase activity in the cotyledons, but chloramphenicol does not. However, actinomycin D and 6-methylpurine had little effect on enzyme development when added after 2 days of incubation. These results suggest that arginase is synthesized in the cytosol and then transported into the mitochondria, while mRNA for arginase synthesis is produced for a limited time only during early germination. [AS/SS]
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