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Reductions in consumption, utilization, and growth rate of soybean looper (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae fed foliage of soybean genotype PI 227687
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Larvae of Pseudoplusia includens (Walker) reared on the resistant plant introduction (PI) 227687 exhibited reduced growth and high mortality relative to those reared on the susceptible cultivar Davis. These effects were most pronounced in the last instar and resulted from an acute action on this instar. The plant genotype consumed during instars one through four had no effect on the maximum larval weight attained, pupal weight, or total mortality during larval development, but did affect the duration of larval development. Measurement of food consumption and utilization by larvae of P. includens fed on PI 227687 or Davis foliage indicated that reduced growth on PI 227687 was primarily due to feeding deterrence or the lack of feeding stimulation. A lower efficiency of conversion of digested food to body tissue, not attributable to reduced consumption, also contributed to reduced P. includens growth rate on PI 227687. [AS/SS]
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