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Improved method for Glycine max seed germination by improving seed water supply
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The influence of mode of water supply to germinating soybean seeds on water absorption rate and seed germination was investigated. The water supply varied from excess (immersion and water layer not as thick as the seed) to optimum (good water supply for germination). The rapid absorption rate stimulated by the excess water supply negatively affected germination on an average, 65%. The negative effect of the rapid absorption rate was greater for cracked seeds and seeds with low moisture content. Low temperature during water absorption also negatively affected seed germination. Based on these results a new germination method was proposed which ensures optimum conditions for water absorption by supplying the germination substrate (pleated blotters) with water in two parts: first at planting with the substrate moistened to 57% of water-holding capacity and, after 24 hours, when the same amount of water is added. The results obtained with this method, which is easier for seed testing, are similar to those obtained when sand is used as substrate for germination. [AS/SS]
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