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Chromosome number identification and generation of monosomic alien addition line in the triploid interspecies hybrid of flowering Chinese cabbage - Chinese kale
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In order to generate monosomic alien addition line of C-genome added the chromosome derived from A-genome, the triploid interspecies hybrid (CCA) and its parent Chinese kale (Brassica alboglabra Bailey) and Flowering Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris L. var. utilis Tsen et Lee) were used as the basic materials, by means of artificial hybridization, morphological and cytological examination and karyotype analysis, the seed setting of CCA x CC and CC x CCA, the chromosome number of their hybrids and the monosomic alien addition line of CC genome added a A-chromosome were identified. The main results showed as follows: CD The seed setting of CCA x CC and CC x CCA was 0.28% and 0.63% respectively; @ All of 88 progeny plants identified in CC x CCA were euploid (2n = CC = 18); @ Aneuploids with different number extra chromosomes were existed in the identified 156 progeny plants of CCA x CC, in which one 2n + 1 plant and sixteen 2n + 2 plants were obtained; @ The monosomic alien addition line CC + A9 was preliminary determined by morphological marker identification and karyotype analysis for the 2n + 1 plant; C§) Meiotic observation for the addition line CC + A9 showed A9 chromosome having partial homology with a pair of C-chromosomes; @ The alien chromosome A9 of the monosomic addition line CC + A9 could be transmitted by male and female gametes with a percentage of 9.82% and 18.75% , respectively.
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