Effect of some mulch materials on Chinese cabbage growing in different seasons. 3. Soil temperature and growth of Chinese cabbage in summer

Effect of rice straw, transparent polyethylene (PE) and black PE mulches on Chinese cabbage growth and soil temperature in the summer were investigated. Results obtained were: 1. Minimum, mean and maximum soil temperature at 5, 10, 15 cm depth under the soil surface were always highest in the plot mulched with the transparent PE film and followed by black PE mulch. Those of the rice straw mulch and unmulched plots were almost equal and lowest. 2. Minimum and maximum soil temperature at 15 cm soil depth in a sunny day were shown at 5:00-7:00 and 17:00, respectively, regardless of the mulch materials. 3. Length and width of the largest leaf of Chinese cabbage was significantly smaller in the transparent PE film mulch plot. However, plant weight and number of leaves were not significantly different between mulch treatments. 4. Chinese cabbage yield was not significantly different between mulch treatments, except for evident reduction in the plot of transparent PE mulch. [AS]

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