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Heterosis utilization of CMS lines in hot (sweet) peppers and techniques for its hybrid seed production
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Using sweet pepper CMS [cytoplasmic male-sterile] line Lanes introduced from France as the CMS resource, CMS line 21 A in hot pepper [Capsicum frutescens] CMS line 8A and 17A in sweet pepper were bred in 1984 through repeated backcrosses. Of the total 617 combinations made with these CMS lines and testers up to 2000, 196 F1 hybrids (127 were hot pepper/hot pepper and 11 were sweet pepper/sweet pepper) were fully restored in their fertility. Through combination ability appraisal, three F1 hybrids (21A/LS3, 21A/LS2, and 8A/LS7) with high quality, disease resistance and high yields were developed. In production tests carried out in plastic greenhouses, at a row ratio of 2 (female) : 1 (male) and artificial supplementary pollination, hybrid seed yield was 600 kg/ha on an average. Seed yield in an open field was only 50-60% of that produced in plastic greenhouses. Compared with the conventional method, hybrid seed production saved 50% of the cost and the outcrossing rate was 100%.
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