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Mosaic disease of mung and urd bean in Haryana
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Various types of mosaic symptoms on mungbean (Vigna radiata) and blackgram (V. mungo) were caused by two different viruses tentatively designated as mung/urd mosaic virus 1 (MUMV 1) and mung/urd mosaic virus 2 (MUMV 2) in Haryana. Symptoms produced by these two viruses on several other leguminous plants were different. Vigna catjang and Dolicos lablab were the distinct local lesion hosts of MUMV 1 and MUMV 2, respectively. The maximum number of local lesions were produced by MUMV 1 on primary leaves of V. catjang at the time of initiation of first trifoliate leaf and not later. Both viruses were easily sap and seed transmitted but differed in host range, host reactions, physical properties and were serologically unrelated. MUMV 1 was found more related to bean common mosaic virus and MUMV 2 to cowpea mosaic virus than other leguminous viruses infecting mungbean and blackgram. [AS/THH]
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