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Control of yellow mosaic of mungbean through insecticides and oils
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Efficacy of 5 granular and emulsifiable insecticides, 4 mineral and vegetable oils, and one combination of insecticide and oil was tested to check the spread of mungbean yellow mosaic disease in different cultivars of mungbean under field conditions. The incidence of yellow mosaic was less in summer (April-June) than in the rainy (July-October) season in the cultivars tested. Three cultivars, viz., RS-4, J-45 and T-51 were evaluated during summer, while two more, B-105 and ML-10, were included in trial in the wet season. Of the various treatments, aldicarb, phorate, disulfoton, and disulfoton + paraffin oil were most effective in checking the spread of yellow mosaic, and consequently increased the yield significantly. Efficacy of various chemicals varied from cultivar to cultivar and season to season. Reduction in seed yield due to infection depended on the time of infection. Maximum reduction in yield, which varied from 69 to 78% depending on cultivar, was recorded when plants were infected up to two weeks after germination. [AS]
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