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Evaluation of pretreatment methods on mixed inoculum for both batch and continuous thermophilic biohydrogen production from cassava stillage
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Anaerobic sludges, pretreated by chloroform, base, acid, heat and loading-shock, as well as untreated sludge were evaluated for their thermophilic fermentative hydrogen-producing characters from cassava stillage in both batch and continuous experiments. Results showed that the highest hydrogen production was obtained by untreated sludge and there were significant differences (p <0.05) in hydrogen yields (varied from 32.9 to 65.3mlH/gVS) among the tested pretreatment methods in batch experiments. However, the differences in hydrogen yields disappeared in continuous experiments, which indicated the pretreatment methods had only short-term effects on the hydrogen production. Further study showed that alkalinity was a crucial parameter influencing the fermentation process. When the influent was adjusted to pH 6 by NaHCO instead of NaOH, the hydrogen yield increased from about 40 to 52mlH/gVS in all the experiments. Therefore, pretreatment of anaerobic sludge is unnecessary for practical thermophilic fermentative hydrogen production from cassava stillage.
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