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Resistance evaluation of nine cucurbit rootstocks and grafted watermelon (Citrullus lanatus L.) varieties against Fusarium wilt and Fusarium crown and root rot
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From 3 watermelon cultivars Sentinel, Charleston Gray and Sugar Pack tested against some Tunisian isolates of Fusarium solani f. sp. cucurbitae and Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum, Sugar Pack revealed to be the most susceptible cultivar and was used for grafting to evaluate the resistance of 9 cucurbit rootstocks. Strong toza, TZ148, Emphasis, Polifemo and Ercole were resistant to highly resistant to five Fusarium isolates tested. Rootstocks of Ferro RZ, Macis and S.Camel showed a partial resistance to some isolates of Fsc and Fon. Achille revealed to be highly resistant to Fsc, but susceptible to some isolates of Fon. Seedlings grafted Strong toza x Sugar Pack, TZ 148 x Sugar Pack, Emphasis x Sugar Pack, Achille x Sugar Pack and Ercole x Sugar Pack were resistant to Fsc and Fon isolates. These rootstocks could be used in grafting of watermelon to resolve the problem of two Fusarium species affecting watermelon.
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