The influence of mulch type on yield of parsley and chive production in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Studies were conducted to compare the effects of various mulch types on the growth and yield of parsley (Petroselinum sativum) and hives (Allium schoenoprasum L.). The mulch treatments were black fabric (weed barrier), silver plastic, white plastic, grass straw and a non-mulch bare treatment. Data on plant height, fresh and dry matter yields were collected for each crop at harvest. Weed population and weed weight were determined before each weeding operation, which was usually performed weekly. Results for both crops indicated that all mulches significantly reduced the number and biomass of weeds compared with the plots without mulch. The various mulch types also significantly influenced plant height, total fresh yields and dry matter yields. The straw mulch plots consistently produced higher yields of both fresh and dry parsley and chives. Production of chives from the white plastic mulch plots was the lowest of all the mulches and were similar to the plots without mulch. The results of these studies indicate that the use of locally available grass (straw) as mulch has potential for increasing production of parsley and chives in the Virgin Islands.

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: Rural Agricultural Development Authority, Ministry of Agriculture
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Caribbean Food Crops Society; 34 th annual meeting 1998
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