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Cpmparisons in anatomical morphology between soybean cultivars of different flooding tolerance under early vegetative flooding conditions
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To characterize flooding-affected anatomical morphology changes in soybean, flooding-tolerant cv. Pungsannamulkong (PSNK) and flooding-sensitive cv. Sobaeknamulkong (SBNK) at 5 trifoliate leaf stage were exposed to flooding by maintaining tap water 2 cm above soil surface for 9 days and resultant microscopic anatomical changes in leaf and hypocotyl cross-sections along with chlorophyll content and photosynthetic rate changes were compared. Flooding-sensitive SBNK exhibited more significant decrement in chlorophyll content, photosynthetic rate, number of palisade parenchyma, and leaf dry matter compared to cv. PSNK. Flooding decreased fineness of palisade parenchyma, while inducing wider xylem vessel, especially in PSNK. The aerenchyma formation in hypocotyls under flooding could be observed only in flooding-resistant PSNK. All these anatomical changes seems to be related with higher physiolocial activity and resultant resistance against flooding in PSNK compared to flood-sensitive PSNK.
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