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Crop breeding: A contemporary basis
Oxford Pergamon Press United Kingdom GB
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vii, 443p. : figs., tables
This book consists of 15 charpters with and an index to bring together information on the physiology and technology of contemporary plant breeding. The chapters are entiltled: (1) New parameters and selction criteria in plant breeding [by] S. K. Sinha & M. S. Swaminathan, (2) Strategy of breeding for disease resistance [by] R. R. Nelson, (3) Search for useful physiological and biochemical traits in maize [by] J.H. Sherrard, R. J. Lambert, M. J. Messmer, F. E. Below & R. H. Hageman, (4) Effects of genetic factors on nutritional requirements of plants [by] P. B. Vose, (5) Breeding and selection for resistance to low temperature [by] C. Stushnoff, B. Fowler & A. Brule-Babel, (6) Screening and selection techniques for improving drought resistance [by] J. M. Clarke & T. F. Townley-Smith, (7) Photosynthesis and assimilate partitioning in relation to plant breeding [by] P. Apel, (8) Potential for enhancing biological nitrogen fixation [by] J. M. Vincent, (9) Role of induced mutations [by] C. F. Konzak, (10) Applications of computers to genebansks and breeding programmes [by] S. Blixt, (11) Plant tissue culture: rapid propagation, induced mutations and potential role of protoplast techniques [by] M. Cailloux, (12) Production and application of haploid plants [by] W. R. Sharp, S. M. Reed & D. A. Evans, (13) Breeding for enhanced proteins [by] H. P. Muller, (14) Tissue culture for disease elimination and germplasm storage [by] G. G. Henshaw, and (15) Breeding towards and ideotype - aiming at a moving target? [by] S. Blixt & P. B. Vose. [[TH]
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