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Comparison of productivity among supernodulating soybean cultivar 'Sakukei 4' and wild type cultivars 'Enrei' and 'Tamahomare' under field conditions
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Recently, it was established that 'Sakukei 4' (I{anto 100) was a supernodulating soybean cultivar derived from not only wild type 'Enrei' but also 'Tamahomare'. To evaluate the effects of the supemodulating characteristic of Sakukei 4 on productivity improvement, we compared the productivity of Sakukei 4 with that of Enrei and Tamahomare, in a drained paddy field for two years. The flowering, maturation stages and seed nitrogen content of Sakukei 4 were in between those of Enrei and Tamahomare in both years. In 2004, the highest yield in Sakukei 4 was 297 kg /10 a under non-tillage, narraw ridge distance, high planting density and high N dosage of fertilizer condition, and it was the same as or at a higher level than Enrei. Under this condition, however, the yield of Tamahomare was 322 kg /10 a, while it was 368 kg /10 a under non-tillage, narrow ridge distance, close planting and standard dosage of fertilizer condition, which was much higher than the highest yield of Sakukei 4 in 2004. On the other hand, the highest yield of Sakukei 4 was 233 kg /10 a, which was clearly lower than that of Enrei and Tamahomare in 2005, because the sovving time was delayed for about one month from the optimal sowing time due to intermissive rainfall during the sowing season, and plant density was decreased by disease injury. In the previous study, the yield of Sakukei 4 was much higher than that of Enrei when the shoot dry weigh t was greater than 200 kg / lOa at the flowering stage in Sakukei 4. In this study, however, we did not observe such a phenomenon. These results suggest that the yield of Sakukei 4 is the same as or higher than that of Enrei under special conditions, but it is lower than that of Tamahomare. Therefore, we concluded that the supemodulating characteristic may not be beneficial to increase the yield of soybeans.
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