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Isolation and identification of objectionable volatile flavor compounds in defatted soybean flour
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The volatile flavor constituents soy flour were isolated by a specially designed apparatus. The isolated volatiles were fractionated by gas chromatography. The fractions with characteristic beany, grassy, and green odors were identified by infrared and mass spectrometry. A total of 25 compounds was identified, including nine alcohol, six aldehydes, nine ketones, and 2-pentyl furan. Among the identified compounds, 2-pentyl furan and ethyl vinyl ketone are probably the key compounds for the beany and grassy odors of the soy flour. All the compounds identified in this study can be postulated as autoxidative decompositon products of soy lipids. Therefore, the presence of these ocmpounds in soy flour might be due to the incomplete removal of lipids in soy flour. [AS]
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