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Manipulation of the temperature-sensitive interaction between soybean leaves and Pseudomonas syringae pv. glycina -- implications on the nature of determinative events modulating hypersentitve resistance
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The interaction between race 1 of Pseudomonas syringae pv. glycinea and cv. Harosoy soybean leaves was temperature sensitive for reaction-type. However, fully resistant reactions occurred at 31 degree C if inoculated plants weree previously incubated at 22 degree C for 18 h. This and other evidence idicated that the higher temperature did not inhibit resistance expression per se but affected an earlier event probably the determinative phase specific to this race-cultivar interaction. Intermediate levels of resistance resulted when plants weree shifted to 31 degree C at 8 or 12 h after inoculation but resistance was not expressed when plants weree shifted at 4 h; therefore, the determinative events leading to resistance expression had begun by c. 8 h and were complete by c. 18 h after inoculatin, In contrast, resistance was always expressed when inoculated plants weree incubated at 31 degree C for various time periods and then shifted to 22 degree C, even after 96 h when bacterial populations had reached maximum levels. [AS/THH]
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