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Plant regeneration from meristems of grain legumes: Soybean, cowpea, peanut, chickpea, and bean
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The regeneration potential of shoot apical meristems of soybean, cowpea, peanut, chickpea, and bean was studied in agar-solidified MS nutrient medium supplemented with various concentrations of benzyladenine (BA) and napthaleneacetic acid (NAA) alone or in combination. Soybean plantlets could be regenerated only when 0.05-0.1 microM BA was applied in conjunction with 1 microM NAA. Cowpea meristems did not require exogenously supplied hormones for mazimum (100%) plant regeneration to occur. Extremely low levels of BA (0.1-0.005 microM) in association with low levels of NAA (0.05 microM) also induced plant regeneration at very high frequency. Similarly, bean meristems differentiated into plantlets on hormone-free medium oron medium containing only the auxin, NAA. Multiple bud regeneration (15-30 buds per meristem) was induced from bean meristems at high cytokinin levels (10 microM BA). Elongated bean shoots differentiated roots on half-strength MS medium containing 1 microM indoleacetic acid (IAA). Although most combinations of BA or BA and NAA induced shoot regeneration from peanut and chickpea meristems, whole plant regeneration occurred more frequently (75%) from the former only when 0.1 microM BA was applied in combination with 10 microM NAA. Multiple axillary branching occurred from the main shoots regenerated from chickpea meristems; however, rooting occurred only when these shoots were recultured on medium containing 1 microM indolebutyric acid (IBA). Plantlets regenerated from the meristems of all these grain legumes were successfully transferred to pots and grown to maturity. [ASh.]
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