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Biochemical characterization of the lipid-binding properties of a broccoli cuticular wax-associated protein, WAX9D, and its application
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In this study, we showed that WAX9D, a nonspecific lipid-transfer protein found in broccoli, binds palmitate (C16) and stearate (C18) with dissociation constants of 0.56 micro M and 0.52 micro M, respectively. WAX9D was fused to thioredoxin protein by genetic manipulation to enhance its solubility. The data revealed strong interaction of Trx-WAX9D with palmitate and stearate. The dissociation constants of Trx-WAX9D for palmitate and stearate were 1.1 micro M and 6.4 micro M, respectively. The calculated number of binding sites for palmitate and stearate was 2.5 to 2.7, indicating that Trx-WAX9D can bind three molecules of fatty acids. Additionally, Trx-WAX9D was shown to inhibit the apoptotic effect of palmitate in endothelial cells. Our data using Trx-WAX9D provide insight into the broad spectrum of its biological applications with specific palmitate binding.
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