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Genetic diversity analysis in Brassica varieties through RAPD markers
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This investigatio!1 was aimed at exploring the genetic diversity and relationship among nine Brassica varieties, namely BARI Sharisha-12, Agrani, Sampad, BINA Sharisha..4, BINA Sharisha-5, BARI Sharisha-13, Daulot, Rai-5, Alboglabra using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers. In total, 59 reproducible DNA bands were generated by four arbitrary selected primers of which 58 (98.03%) bands were proved to be polymorphic. These bands ranged from 212 to 30686 bp in size. The highest proportion of polymorphic loci and gene diversity values were 37.29% and 0.1373, respectively, for BARI Sharisha-12 and the lowest proportion of polymorphic loci and gene diversity values were 8.47% and 0.0318, 8.47% and 0.0382 for BINA Sharisha..4 and Rai-5, respectively. A dendrogram was constructed using unweighted pair group method of arithmetic mean (UPGMA). The result of cluster analysis indi ated that the 9 accessions were capable of being classified into 2 major groups. One group consists of BARI Sharisha-12, Agrani, Sampad, Daulot, Rai..5, Alboglabra. where Daulot and Rai-5 showed the lowest genetic distance of 0.049. And another group contains BINA Sharisha-4, BINA Sharisha-5, and BARI Sharisha-l 3, where BINA Sharisha-5 and BARI sharisha-13 showed genetic distance of 0.071.
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